Its a Tough Juggle sometimes just like Adele

The juggle… the constant parent juggle between your babies and being as hands-on in their lives
as possible, a full-time career, a hobby you are passionate about that also makes you money and
friends you love to hang out with when all of the bloody stars align. I just read an article about
Adele and it said that her dramatic weight loss was about being healthy in mind and body for her
son Leo, not so much about the weight loss itself. She wants to be a strong and fit role model and
good on her for achieving it. I guess being one of the world’s highest paying female artists gives you
the option of not working full time but for the majority of people, how do you fit it all in?
Here’s my life….
Monday- work as a PS Music teacher- staff meeting- my son’s BBall training
Tuesday- work- another staff meeting and my son’s roller hockey
Wednesday- work- my son’s basketball game- rehearsal in Melbourne
Thursday- work- kid’s swimming lesson
Friday- work- sometimes a gig but if not, a bloody night off!!
Saturday- FAMILY TIME!!! And then usually a gig
Sunday- 9-12 both boys skateboarding lessons… then I almost collapse.
I try to fit in 2 yoga sessions but that generally comes in last priority.
How do you folks do it? I struggle sometimes, it’s mentally exhausting. Throw in shopping, cooking,
washing, homework, bedtime stories and all the rest…. phew. You get it Mum’s and Dad’s right?
Seriously though, with these kinds of schedules how do people fit their health priorities in? Let me
know in the comment below!
Big love xxxxx