Thanks again for applying, I thought Id script a message that I will send to everyone that applied. Hopefully it will answer some questions you may have plus it will speak to our intentions going forward.


Why is our current singer (Dallas) leaving? 

Dallas lives regionally and has 2 school age boys and is a music teacher, at the beginning of 2020 we had started to get some good gigs and we had a very promising 2020 planned when COVID struck. The gigs we did in Early 2020 showed Dallas the time she would need to give to the show and she assessed it and found that her primary aged kids needed more focus. She was sad but it was too much time commitment- We are still good friends.

How much does the gig pay?

There are 3 people who share that band management. In some venues we were planning on playing, there is a fixed price and some venues the payment for the show depends on the audience size – so we have a vested interest in getting people along. For the Adele role we plan to have a minimum payment of $200 regardless of the gig. With the previous Adele (Dallas) we all took the risk and the upside as well – in some of the things we had planned in 2020 (COVID changed that) there was a possibility of $1000+ if the attendance was as we had hoped. Other band members would also earn more but there was a cap – for the people who took the risk there was more upside. 

As the Adele role is so crucial to the success of the band we will work with you within reason to structure payments.

I run a software company and have lots of capacity for taking Pro Video, Pro Photos plus web and social media marketing – promoting the band and our new Adele. – we think as well as the direct gig payments, this is a great opportunity for the right person to lift their own personal profile. The Adele role will have lots of attention and we feel it will help anyone’s career and this has additional value over the gig payments.

We will be transparent and fair.

How often do you rehearse?

All the band members have rehearsed the show and it will take us a rehearsal or two to polish up but the bulk of the work is done on that side – we would like the new person to be comfortable that the show is tight but if you know the songs and the words we think we could be gig ready within a month or so. With rehearsals maybe once a week.

Where about in Melb are you?

We are from all over – more of us are in the inner west (Altona/Footscray/Point Cook) but some are in the South East and one in the city. Rehearsals will be central – or Point Cook, we will consider everyone’s situation and location.

How often will you gig

The show is not something we could do a residency for weeks on end at the same place, it’s also a destination type of show playing in bigger rooms, the guys in the band almost all of us have other projects and we would like one a week – 2 if the money was good, also by arrangement some touring – regionally as well as interstate, maybe even overseas as we get more established. We don’t think it will be a 3 nights a week thing but who knows??… For our drummer, both our backup singers, they play in other acts and for you, there is room for other projects as well, as we are well organised.

Is the Adele look important?

Yes and no…. Adele now is very different from Adele of years ago so it opens up the look to a wider range of looks. 

That said: Adele’s voice and her talent was the main thing, so our primary focus is the vocal ability and the “stage presence” of the person. There are a few songs with just piano and singer also so the ability to hold people’s attention whilst delivering great vocals will be the things we focus on mostly.

This said – if two people are equally strong with singing and stage ability, we would err on the person who looks more similar, but it’s unlikely. This is a tribute show not an exact copy so we will choose the best performer.

Any more info on the show?

  • As mentioned earlier – the stage show side is important, so holding a dialogue with the crowd will be required…almost like acting – Dallas told a few heartwarming short stories. This doesn’t have to be the way you may do it but as a few big elements of the show are – stand and deliver, like a sit down show… the performance element will need to be considered and we think you can add your own personality to this.
  • We may do corporate gigs where we may do a dance bracket of general cover songs – both our backup singers, drummer, Guitarist and myself have all been lead singers at times so this may happen in some shows.
  • Are there any costs? We don’t provide hair or makeup support, some gigs may provide drinks and food if appropriate – generally this is on a gig by gig basis.
  • You will be required to be in photo shoots, Video shoots for promotions
  • We would love you to take some Social media responsibilities if you are comfortable – this is optional, we understand the marketing will be important to audience and ultimately our payments.
  • We are very open to ideas to improve the show – bring your creativity.

Next steps:

We have had over lots of applicants and are close to short listing a few people for a live audition, we will need to have a listen to you singing an Adele song if possible – or at least something in a style that is close to Adele’s – I notice on some peoples pages there is no audio or videos so I’m letting everyone know this. If you have something you already are happy for us to listen to just send us a link.

Please email me at please if you wish to send me something directly.

Hope the above helps and good luck.