About Us

We are a dedicated group of experienced and talented musicians.

Dallas Holden
Dallas HoldenAdele
Dallas Holden comes from a long line of musicians and performers dating back four generations. But has forged her own path.
Simon Towers
Simon TowersGuitar
Simon Towers has had a passion for guitar since he was a boy. From jamming in garage bands honing his performance skills with mates to directing 140 guitar students playing Smoke On The Water at Hamer Hall in Melbourne, Simon has had a life full of diverse musical experience.
Michael Yanko
Michael Yanko
A talented and sought after keyboard player who has played in many top bands and still works constantly entertaining crowds with his playing.
Carlin Towers
Carlin TowersDrums and Vocals
Carlin Towers is an incredibly tasteful young drummer who hangs right in the pocket and plays with skill way beyond his years.
Justinne May (Teenie)
Justinne May (Teenie)Singer and dancer!!
Amazing singer, brilliant harmonies great chick and super talented. With her huge smile and fabulous voice you will be amazed.
Julienne Mae Sacris
Julienne Mae Sacris
Julienne Mae Sacris is a 22 year old gospel charged, soul vocalist located in Melbourne. Her smooth passionate timbre derives from R&B inspirations; She brings a joy and warmth to everything she does.
Michael Smedley
Michael SmedleyBass
Experienced musician, that understands how to entertain, can play funk to blues and everything in between, and brings lots of fun to the band.

Our Story

Our story began more than 20 years ago when Simon and Michael and Michael Yanko met in a band called Mission Imposter. Michael Smedley was the singer, Simon played Guitar and Michael played keys. It was a tounge in cheek concept band, a bit wild and filled the clubs they played.


They have remained friends and Michael and Simon played for many years and 100s of gigs in duo’s trio’s and other line ups. Dallas met simon almost 15 years ago and still to this day plays duo gigs with Simon.

The Adele concept was born from multiple punters and friends commenting on how well Dallas and Simon did Adele music. Dallas is a gifted singer and with a talent like Adele, very few can do justice to a singer of this quality and skill- Dallas nails it.

So many people comented that Simon and Dallas decided to bring together a team of the best people they knew to create the Adele show. The results are amazing – Dallas shines and with the full band and the big sound it does Adeles music justice. Its like being at an Adele concert. We are sure you will enjoy the show.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”


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Behind The Scenes

More scenes from the shoot day.