When he was very young, Michael Yanko’s parents took measures to improve their home life by sending him off to have piano lessons, hoping to curb his incessant humming of Monkees songs and his over-enthusiastic piano whacking. Having obtained a solid grounding in classical piano, and with his humming under control for the most part, Michael (aka Mike Dupp) then set out in his later youth to play piano and keyboards in the Melbourne cover band scene, where he met and performed over several years with Simon Towers and Michael Smedley. For a number of years, Michael’s playing has called upon his broad range of musical influences, from New Orleans to gypsy and contemporary jazz, with detours along the way through funk, stomp, prog rock and Americana. Recently, he’s been the piano and organ backbone for a score of original and themed bands, and delivered polished accompaniment in trios and duos at some of Melbourne’s finest performance venues. He is excited to be joining the Adele Show project, and to play again with Simon Towers, Michael Smedley and other supremely talented artists, to showcase the Adele Show’s glittering songstress, Dallas Holden.